Dashing away with a….. butter dasher

Butter Making ... photocredit @Revmatt1774
Butter Making … photocredit @Revmatt1774


It has been a dashing weekend. As part of Heritage Open Day in Framlingham I had been asked to demonstrate cheese and butter making with a bit of a medieval twist. Now I’m not a re-enactor as such but if you’ve been following this blog you will know I have done quite a bit of research into the dairy history of Suffolk. A while ago I spied a butter dasher on Ye Olde Ebay and it seemed the perfect excuse. So a bit of costume hire and some purchasing of older style pottery and unbleached cheesecloth to replace all my brash stainless steel and blue disposables and I got to play at being a medieval dairy maid for the day.With Greg from Condensed Histories

Butter Dasher

I spent the warm up to each demonstration searching the streets of Framlingham for strong children to help with the process and we managed to dash some fabulous butter and roll some cream cheeses in herbs. As aways it was the conversations that were great for me. One gentleman who grew up in Poland could remember being expected to dash butter as a child, it was a chore not a great treat!

It was fabulous to be working alongside Greg from Condensed Histories, he is a juggling, escapologist who re-enacts battles on a unicycle!

Sadly as I was talking I don’t have any pictures of the children in action, fortunately @About Fram captures plenty which you can access on their Facebook Album here.

Thanks to all those who joined in, stopped and chatted.  I am looking forward to seeing some again in the future at talks or demos for local clubs and groups.

The Juggler and the Dairymaid


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