Stamping down with a big foot…..

Sciapod Butter Stamp
Sciapod Butter Stamp

Today the butter stamp of the Sciapod can be revealed. I contacted Suffolk Coastal woodturners a few months ago to ask if they could help find me someone who might create a butter stamp. They put me in touch with John Garrett (you can see his Etsy shop by clicking the link), over the last few weeks we have been exchanging e-mails and John has gone from word turner to carver to create the stamp, even travelling to Dennington to see the original pew end. Today I went to meet him and his lovely wife and we played around with some freshly made butter.  It turned out to be too fresh and warm initially so it was popped into the freezer while I went for a stroll around his print making and wood turning studios – they really are a talented couple.  By the time we had returned the butter was too solid but after a bit of work the first Sciapod butter pats were emerging. This has definitely brought my butter mojo back, so I must start on the flavoured butters as soon as the herbs start their spring growth.

Sciapod Carving


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