Sciapod Unleashed and Single Easton Update

Single Easton
Single Easton

Time to unleash The Sciapod! My two hobbies, cheese/butter making and foraging have turned themselves into a small business. I am very grateful to everyone who has encouraged me along the way by asking me to talk to groups or take people on walks and then offering to pay! So, Sciapod Limited is now up and running, I will be starting my first mail shots next week, of course I have no idea at this stage what the uptake will be like. On the cheese/butter front the plan is to provide talks to groups covering my efforts to research and recreate the lost cheeses of Suffolk and demonstrate some basic domestic cheese or butter making; you can read more on The Sciapod pages. Please do get in touch if you would be interested in me coming to your group.

The picture above is the latest cheese to be opened. A Single Easton I made at Easton Farm Park back in May. When I made the cheeses I decided to rub one with Maldon salt and the other with Hill Farm rapeseed oil. Somewhere along the way I lost track of which was which. The good news is that the cheese is very good, a little bitter with the rind on, but strong rather than stinky and a little crystalline which surprises me as the paste is quite soft and springy.

I have a couple of cheeses that I’m hoping to take through to 18 months to two years old and my plan is to do up my kitchen so that I can continue to develop my recipes including the cultured butter who knows how the Sciapod will develop next…..


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