Cheesy Romance

A blog that I am very fond of is Fromage Homage, every week a new cheese and a little story.  Now the owner of the blog has started setting recipe challenges.  The latest one titled ‘Cheesy Romance’ is to win some heart shaped cheeses so I thought I would share a recipe for a cocktail, one I developed several years ago for a James Bond themed party.


Ingredients –

A half pint of cider

Hunk of hard cheese

Poor the cider into a glass and fix the hunk of cheese on the rim in place of a lemon slice.  Go round talking in a broad West County accent, people will think you are a fool, but you have cheese and cider, how can that be wrong?

Fromage Homage

Those that have been following the story of the Sciapod will realise that I have taken part of my inspiration from the old tale of the Moonrakers.

Where did the Sciapod Throw the Cheese?

Sciapod lived in the root of a tree;

Same sized feet as you and me.

When farmers came to eat a snack,

He reached with his toes and grabbed some back.

With practise he came to find,

His feet grew longer to reach the rind.

The navy wanted Suffolk cheese, then,

Elizabeth died and Pepys did pen,

A diary, in which much cheese was eaten,

His wife and staff were vexed and chasten’,

When fire rushed through London Town,

Burning many buildings down.

The cheese had become too hard for sea,

It was in danger of causing mutiny,

The cream had gone to fill a cup,

And butter toast for the higher up.

Suffolk Bang was hard as nails,

Only good for barrow wheels.

But Sciapod, the crafty ‘sole’,

Whisked three away, some say he stole.

He ran fast, for he was fleet,

Then kept them shaded with his feet.

Eventually he could run no further,

So threw them in pond, sea and river.

On moon lit nights you may find them there,

Just take a while to stand and stare.


6 thoughts on “Cheesy Romance

  1. Who could fail to be seduced by such a classy combination?! But where’s the photo? If you are going to flout my rule against cheese-based drinks, I at least demand a photo of this delicious and dangerous beverage! 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Ahh, I will source the necessary requisites tomorrow and attempt to add one before the deadline – oh ban on cheese based drinks I better go back and read the rules! On that note have you ever tried cheese coffee – Kaffeost?

      1. Is that the one where you pour coffee over that Scandinavian cheese – Leipawhatsit? Have heard of it but no, never have. I did find a recipe to make the cheese once so am sorely tempted. Have you tried it? It’s only a joke ban on cheese-based drinks, purely based on the fact that I can’t believe there could ever be a nice one!

      2. I’ve never tried it, but tempted. Largely because they say that Suffolk Bang had to be melted in front of the fire (it was too hard to cut) and you had to drink it down with hot tea or warm ale so it didn’t stick in your gullet! So hot cheese drinks might be part of my Sciapod Dairy quest….

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