You know you are a turophile when….

Crowe Street Cottages, domestic dairy

…you spend your time off at museums and art shows looking at cheese.  I have had the pleasure of doing both over the last few days. I visited the Museum of East Anglian life, primarily to take a look at the Crowe Street Cottages.  A double dweller that used to house estate workers, it has a recreated  small butter dairy at the rear. If like me you haven’t been to MEAL for years, take a look, it is a good value day out.  I suspect for anyone over 50 it will also make you feel very old, seeing things you can remember from your childhood in a museum setting is ageing to say the least. Currently entry to Abbots Hall is free; inside is a hugely interesting collection including a dining room in which the plates have thumbnail biographies of important foodies and a book to record who you would invite to fill the empty place at the table. I added that I would like someone who could answer the puzzle of what happened to Suffolk Cheese. They also have artefacts from St Audry’s Hospital, a local Mental Health facility that closed under the move to care in the community and somewhere I worked periodically as a podiatrist in my younger days, you can complete your own prescription for the 5 things that keep you in good mental health, clue, cheese featured in mine.

What would your 5 things be?
What would your 5 things be?

There is a fantastic exhibition called Outside In on the first floor, art created by people who have had experience of mental health problems, it is stunning in all senses of the word, only open until 31st May but free to enter, so if you have an opportunity it is well worth a visit. If that all sound a bit serious there are also plenty of fun activities and opportunities to interact with and react to the exhibitions.

Cornish Jarg by Polly Johnson
Cornish Yarg by Polly Johnston

My other visit was to Cheese and More an exhibition of art by Polly Johnston at the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh. Polly is the daughter of  a local cheese wholesaler so has grown up with cheese, this has given her an ideal opportunity to observe the colours and textures in a finely developed rind. Many of her pictures are huge, so you can really go large with a Yarg.

…and you know it’s true when your brother writes you limericks like this one…

There once was a happy young juvenile,
Who left her quaint Suffolk domicile.
She looked not for Brie,
To eat with her tea.
As she was an anglophile turophile.

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