Cheese Rolling with Goats

Goats Cheese rolled in Uncle RoyI have been practising with soft goat’s milk cheese, rolling it in different flavours. The cheese itself has a very delicate flavour, only mildly goaty but may strengthen in taste in the next couple of days.  This log was rolled in Uncle Roy’s Flowers of Scotland mix, so I can’t really call it into action as part of my Suffolk range; but would love to make my own flower based seasoning.  One of the nice things is that after 24hrs the colours from the flowers have bled into the soft cheese giving tints of yellow, orange and blue and the flavour is distinctly floral rather than spicy.


4 thoughts on “Cheese Rolling with Goats

      1. Hmm, maybe. I’ve never tried drying them to see what colour they go and I don’t know hoe they’d hold up fresh. I feel experimentation coming on in the summer! Calendula would work, fresh or dried, I think. I’m wondering about chive or borage or Hemerocallis flowers too…

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